TSMC has produced 1 billion 7nm chips, equipped with more than 100 products


On August 21st, according to foreign media reports, TSMC, which manufactures chips for many companies such as Apple and AMD, has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of chip manufacturing technology in recent years. Both 7nm and 5nm processes are the first in mass production.

According to information released by TSMC’s official website, the 7nm process they put into mass production in 2018 has produced 1 billion chips.

From the information on TSMC’s official website, their 7nm process was put into mass production in April 2018, and the billionth 7nm chip was produced in July. It took about 27 months from the start of production to the production of the 1 billionth 7nm chip. On average, they produce more than 37 million 7nm chips per month.

The information on TSMC’s official website also shows that there are dozens of customers of their 7nm process, and the chips produced are used in more than 100 products. The 1 billion 7nm chips they produce, if spread out, are enough to cover 13 Manhattans, and each 7nm chip has more than 1 billion transistors.

TSMC also stated on its official website that the increase in production capacity after their 7nm process was put into production exceeded any of their previous processes.

The information on the official website shows that there are currently two generations of TSMC’s 7nm process. The first generation was put into mass production in April 2018, and the second generation 7nm process was based on extreme ultraviolet lithography and was put into production in 2019. Apple’s iPhone 11 series is equipped with The A13 processor is made by this process.


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