Tunable FMCS laser module for LiDAR

Tunable FMCS laser module for LiDARNeoPhotonics has announced a tunable high power FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous-wave) laser module and high power Semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) chips.

Both components are optimized to enable long range automotive lidar and high resolution industrial sensing applications.

The FMCW Laser is C-band tunable and can be directly modulated to provide >21dBm (126mW) fiber coupled power and a narrow linewidth FMCW optical signal.

  The SOA chip is designed for integration with Photonic Integrated circuit (PIC) lidar engines and provides >23dBm optical output power.

The  SOAs and FMCW lasers enable automotive lidar systems to “see” considerably farther than 200 meters.

Both products operate in the 1550 nm band, which is believed to be more “eye safe”, and are currently being sampled to key customers.

In addition, tunable FMCW laser sources enable lidars with configurable operating wavelength thus further enhancing the immunity of coherent lidars to external light interference.