Violent tests show that the ultra-thin glass of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is as easy to scratch as the plastic screen

[Global Network Technology Comprehensive Report]February 17 news, violent testing agency JerryRigEverything recently conducted a durability test on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the results showed that the flexible ultra-thin glass screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and other folding screen phones with flexible plastic screens Just as easy to scratch.

The foldable devices that came out before the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip all used plastic screens in order to achieve the foldability of the whole machine, but the problem of easy scratching is difficult to solve. Therefore, during the press conference, Samsung introduced that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip uses exclusive flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG) to cover the screen, which significantly improves durability compared to Galaxy Fold, which is regarded as a major breakthrough.

However, the durability test video released by the violent testing agency JerryRigEverything showed that when the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was scratched step by step according to the Mohs hardness level of 10, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was scratched at level 2, and the screen was more obvious at level 3. , Which is equivalent to the scratch resistance of Motorola Razr’s plastic screen at the press conference shortly before.

Violent tests show that the ultra-thin glass of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is as easy to scratch as the plastic screen

JerryRigEverything said that traditional candy bar smartphones start to show scratches at level 6, and the scratches are more obvious at level 7, so the permanent scratches on the flexible ultra-thin glass of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are much earlier than our common smartphone glass. The screen is not scratch resistant.

In response to an inquiry from the foreign media the Verge on this matter, Samsung stated: “The Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with an Infinity Flex Display and Samsung’s ultra-thin glass, which provides a stylish, high-quality appearance and an immersive viewing experience. Samsung’s first The ultra-thin glass technology of Galaxy is different from other Galaxy flagship devices, and you need to be careful when bending the screen. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip has a protective layer similar to the Galaxy Fold on the ultra-thin glass.”

The Verge understood this response as saying that the scratches in the JerryRigEverything test may only appear on the protective layer that Samsung said, and did not damage the ultra-thin glass.

Nevertheless, flexible ultra-thin glass is not only a problem of scratch resistance. On February 15th, a British user said that due to the low temperature, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which had just arrived, had a broken screen when it was first used for folding operations. This incident caused a quick response from Samsung’s UK after-sales service, and the user was provided with a new one the next day.

From the perspective of after-sales service, Samsung’s services are indeed commendable. Samsung said that users of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can enjoy a screen replacement service at a price of US$119 (approximately RMB 831) and a free filming service. Its screen replacement price is much cheaper than other manufacturers’ foldable devices.

However, JerryRigEverything still believes that the promotion of flexible ultra-thin glass as the main selling point of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears to be an exaggeration.

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