Water-cooled memory, as long as GALAXY HOF OC Lab global limited edition

In this article, the editor will introduce a water-cooled memory that GALAXY officially launched today – GALAXY HOF OC Lab global limited edition water-cooled memory. What is its specific situation? Let’s take a look.

The GALAXY HOF OC Lab water-cooled memory continues the simple concept of the Hall of Fame series. The radiator is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, decorated with laser-engraved lines and dotted gold-plated nickel pieces. The side design is simple and tough, and it is CNC-cut to bring excellent texture.

The memory is also equipped with a high-value water-cooling head, which supports the user’s independent disassembly, and has two standard G1/4″ size water holes. The base is mirror-polished copper and has been processed by electroplating nickel to further enhance corrosion resistance.

With the support for XMP2.0, players can turn on the XMP function in the motherboard BIOS, and they can increase the memory frequency to the default frequency with one click. At the same time, relying on the selected Samsung B-die overclocking DRAM IC and optimized PCB, players can further tap its overclocking potential.

The HOF OC Lab water-cooled memory is issued in limited quantities worldwide, and is equipped with an exclusive VIP card, each with a unique number.

The above is the introduction of the GALAXY HOF OC Lab global limited edition water-cooled memory brought by this editor. If you like this smart product, you may wish to do Niang and google for more information.

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