What are the basic functions of the ventilator circuit tubing?

The ventilator must have four basic functions: air to the lungs, air in to air out, air in to air out, air in to air out, air in to air out, and rotation.

(2) the respiratory can produces certain respiratory rhythm, including respiratory frequency and respiratory rate, which replaces the respiratory rhythm dominated by the respiratory central nervous system;


(3) the ventilator provides appropriate tidal volume (VT) or minute ventilation (MV) ,in order to sufficient for respiratory metabolism need.

(4) the ventilator replaces the nasal function of human body with heating and humidification, which can provide more oxygen than the oxygen in the atmosphere, so it can increase the concentration of inhalable oxygen and improve oxygenation.


ventilator circuit tubing is suitable for all ventilators. Ventilator circuit tubing is concerned with applying acute respiratory failure due to a variety of causes, including acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure in ARDS. Persistence of severe acute pulmonary edema and asthma; Ventilatory support during and after cardiothoracic surgery in children; Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, neck and trachea surgery in patients with respiratory insufficiency, it usually with high-frequency ventilation.


The ventilator circuit tubing can prevent the cross-infection of body fluid transmission, protect the respiratory and anesthetic machine, the patient, the staff and the working environment.It also reduce the hospital infection, the workload and cost of disinfection and cleaning, it protect the machine interior from contamination.


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