What Is Difference Between Foldable Silicone Straw And Plastic Straw?

What is Difference between Foldable silicone Straw and Plastic Straw?

Most straws in daily life are made of plastic because the price of plastic is cheap. Many merchants will give straws when they sell silver drinks. These plastic straws cannot be recycled and can only be used for one-time use, so the cost of the straws must be small. Compared with plastic straws, the price of foldable silicone straw is much higher, which is mainly reflected in the raw materials. The cost of raw materials has to increase its price. Therefore, the silicone tube is not suitable for single use. If you are using it at home, you can use silicone tube instead of plastic straw.

The foldable silicone straw is resistant to both high temperature and low temperature. Putting it in the refrigerator or boiling it in boiling water will not damage the silicone tube or produce harmful substances. The plastic pipe is not only easy to age, but also intolerant of high temperature and low temperature. Even some plastic pipes will produce harmful substances at high temperatures.

Disposable plastic tubes can also cause great damage to the environment, and it takes hundreds of years for plastic products to degrade naturally in the natural environment. The silicone tube can quickly decompose naturally without any damage to the environment. Therefore, we still appeal to everyone to use more degradable silicone products.

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