What’s The Easter Egg And Bunny Silicone Molds?

What's The Easter Egg And Bunny silicone Molds?

These Easter egg and rabbit mold trays allow you to make cake, candy, chocolate, ice cube and etc, also suitable for daily use, not only for holidays

Well designed and applied widely: the fine design and the clear details make your works vivid and lively, you can create your own cakes, chocolates, candies, ice cubes, jellos, soaps, crayons and more with this mold

Silicone material: these chocolate candy molds are made of silicone material, soft and flexible to use, reusable and durable, not easily crack or fade, refrigerator safe, microwave safe, and oven safe, will serve you long time

Easy to clean and store: the mold set is dishwasher safe, or you simply clean the mold with warm soapy water, once cleaned, you just place the mold at a storage space far away from direct sunlight until next use

Cute gifts: you can make cute and delicious pastries for your family members, friends and colleagues, as warm presents on some meaningful occasions, such as Easter parties, Christmas, Valentine's Day, wedding, family gatherings, winter parties, birthday parties and so on

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