Whether The Inspection Of Disposable Masks In Daily Life Is Qualified

Everyone should be familiar with disposable masks, because we often use them in daily life. The demand for disposable masks in society is still relatively large. But how to check whether the disposable mask is qualified, the following is a brief introduction to the majority of users.

When inspecting a disposable mask, it can be divided into four steps, and it is very important to learn to check the quality of the mask correctly. First of all, you should observe the mask to see if it is color, whether it is flat, and check the light transmittance. Then, try the feel, mainly to feel the material. If it is too hard or rough, it is very uncomfortable to wear.

When buying a mask, you can smell it to see if there is an odor. If there is an odor, it is better not to choose such a mask.

The next inspection method is to see the effect of wearing it. We buy masks for wearing. If they are uncomfortable or have strange feelings, such as strangling ears or itching, the quality of these masks is unqualified.

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