Wholesale Cheap BBQ Use Oven Baking Cooking Silicone Mat

silicone mats are a common kitchen item. It is an indispensable baking utensil for baking lovers. A good silicone pad is soft, heat resistant, odorless and safe. We trust that "Client's satisfation and trust is our top concern.", so we select food grade silica gel as the material of our silicone products. The silicone oven baking mats producted by our factory can pass FDA and LFGB test.Here some image details will be shown as follow:Product name :  Silpat linerSize : 45.2*30.5*0.1cmWeight : 141gColor: Purple, greyThey can be used in oven, microwave, baking sheet, induction microwave ovens or air fryer for cooking or baking bread, candy or others food, also can be used for kneading dough and can be put frozen food in silicone baking mat into refrigeration.If you are interest in them, welcome to contact us.

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