Wingtech: Semiconductor business benefits from strong demand for new energy vehicle development products

On December 30, Wingtech released a record sheet of investor relations activities in December 2021. Chairman Zhang Xuezheng gave an introduction and response to the company’s basic situation and questions.

After the disclosure of the company’s third quarterly report, the development trend of Wingtech’s three businesses is very good. Among them, the semiconductor business, benefiting from the strong demand for new energy vehicle development products, the company has made a strategic layout for the next few years in terms of products and production capacity; the product integration business and the impact of raw materials have eased in the third quarter, and the net profit level has improved. Increase research and strengthen the synergy between product integration and semiconductor business to improve future profitability and stability; in the optical business, the progress of product verification and shipment is very good, and the space for the entire optical business in the future has been opened.

There is a question about the degree of synergy between Nexperia and the ODM sector? Wingtech stated that there are several levels of collaboration. The first is synergy at the product level. The joint research products of the two parties mainly include SIP-packaged TWS headsets, PA products and MiniLED; the second is synergy at the business level, with ODM entering the automotive field, and Nexperia expands its analog IC business into consumer fields such as mobile phones.

Regarding the progress of Delta’s business, Wingtech said that it is now producing and shipping in Guangzhou. In the future, the new factory in Zhuhai will have a larger capacity, more advanced technology, and higher level of automation than Guangzhou. In the future, Delta products will be used in Wingtech ODM’s Android phones, laptops and automotive customers.

In terms of the layout of the company’s product integration business in the automotive field, Wingtech’s product integration business has begun to expand its business in automobiles, including traditional automobiles and new energy automobiles, involving screens, multimedia parts, cameras, and SIP packaged 4G and 5G communication modules , MiniLED and other products. In addition, our products are also applied to airplanes. The automobile business in the future is definitely a big growth point for Wingtech.

In terms of semiconductor business development planning, Nexperia’s existing products are leading the industry in terms of products, and are among the top three in the subdivisions. The product planning is to develop from low voltage to high voltage, and expand IGBT, compound semiconductor, analog IC, etc. In terms of application, Anshi has been in the automotive field for more than 60 years. The products are basically standard in European cars. This year, Anshi’s revenue in the automotive field accounts for more than 45%, and there is a lot of room for future expansion. . On the customer side, Nexperia has natural advantages. All Nexperia products are sold globally, and Nexperia products have a relatively large share of the global market. Nowadays, customers have great demand for our products, and domestic manufacturers are severely short of cores. No matter new forces or old Chinese customers, we try our best to meet the needs. In terms of production, Anshi will simultaneously carry out wafer production and packaging at home and abroad in the future to achieve a dual cycle. Our theme in 2022 is to expand production.

Looking forward to the new business of semiconductors, Wingtech stated that we first made GaN, because GaN is a more advanced technology, more efficient, and more advantageous in terms of high frequency. Our first-generation GaN products are 650v. This At the CIIE, our partners have already released our products and have entered mass production; IGBTs, Newport fabs are already producing IGBTs, and more production capacity will be released in the future; SiC, let’s do it first It is the rectifier tube, investment materials, self-made epitaxy, the industrial chain is relatively complete, and SiCMos products are also being developed. Anshi has always been making car-regulated products and has car-regulated factories, so we will first make car-regulations for new products. The production capacity layout of GaN and SiC is mainly in the Hamburg factory and Newport wafer factory in Germany.

In addition, Wingtech Technology also stated that Anshi mainly made Mosfet products below 100v, and now it has also developed new products above 100v. At present, the demand for Mosfet products in traditional automobiles has increased by several tens of times, and there are more application scenarios; the demand for new energy vehicles for our products is also very strong.

In the future, the deployment of front-end wafers and the company’s semiconductor production capacity will increase the capacity of Anshi’s overseas production capacity on the one hand, and on the other hand will increase the production capacity of Lingang fabs several times; for the back-end packaging, overseas Malaysian factories are already expanding, and they will be able to expand next year. Forming production capacity, domestic Dongguan and Wuxi will also increase.

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