Wireless-to-DALI Gateway specification from DALI Alliance

Wireless-to-DALI Gateway specification from DALI Alliance

“Wireless to DALI gateways provide the flexibility to incorporate DALI luminaires and other DALI devices into the control network, so it becomes straightforward to add lighting capabilities alongside the other features of the wireless ecosystem,” according to the Alliance. “Existing DALI devices can be used with these gateways, and there is already a range of certified and interoperable DALI-2 and D4i products on the market. The gateway specifications enable well-defined and consistent lighting behaviour.”

The specifications – there are two – enable DALI control gear to report luminaire, energy and diagnostics data through the wireless ecosystem, including lamp failure information.

Part 341 covers Bluetooth Mesh to DALI Gateways

Part 342 covers Zigbee to DALI Gateways

Part numbers are aligned with the IEC 62386 standard for DALI technology and the specifications will be transferred to IEC for incorporation into IEC 62386, said the Alliance.

For interoperability between products from different vendors, tests are being developed to allow gateways to be added to the DALI-2 certification program.

The Alliance, a global consortium of lighting companies, maintains interoperability standards for DALI – digital addressable lighting interface – through the DALI-2 and D4i certification programs. Typically the DALI interface is built into a luminair or luminair control boxs. As well as wireless connection, it is working on IP-based communication.

The specifications are available from the DALI Alliance website.